ALCORCA 2016 /2017

ALCORCA: Regional cooperation programme against drug trafficking:


During the last decades, the Caribbean became one of the bridges of drug trafficking.

Transfer of drugs is estimated every year up to 100 tons to the United States, Europe and Africa.


The threat of transnational drug trafficking but also  all other types of organized crime was calling for a collective response at the regional level.


It is to support its Caribbean neighbors in the fight against this scourge, that France implemented in November 2015 a regional program of a duration of 3 years, coordinated from Santo Domingo with the objective to fight against organized crime in the Caribbean region.


This program, now known and named ALCORCA, has been implemented to strengthen the technical cooperation between the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Jamaica and Cuba, and to create a common space for the exchange of tools and good practices.


So for 3 years, through staff training program, adapted to the problems faced by each country and, for example, the one that most  touched my heart: The seminar on  cross-border cooperation, organized in Port-au-Prince in March 2016.


Thanks to all its actions, the ALCORCA community now has reached 600 members from the 5 ALCORCA countries but also more broadly, from  Colombia and Panama.