Monday 07 May


09h00 to 12h00: opening ceremony in the presence of the Dominican and  French authorities

Presentation of the programme, instructors and participants.

Coffee break.

Presentation of the French National Police and its Judicial Police.

12h00: Lunch.

13h00 to 16h00: exchanges on ALCORCA countries legislations relevant to informants.

Feedback from operational experience (floor given to trainees)

Coffee break.

Presentation of SIAT by  Cyril Pierron, and        Sylvain Le Dall.

Presentation of BCS by Police Commander Thierry Mezenguel.

Chart and guide of good practices for the management of  informants.



Tuesday, 08 May


09h00 to12h00: presentation of DNRED by his director, Raphael Roux.

Presentation of the network of internal Security Attachés by Georges Bonnefont, divisional commissioner ASI  in Colombia,

Coffee break.

Presentation of a successful case DCPJ by

Axel Grot.

concrete case: Scenario of management of an informant

Indoor practical exercise.

12h00: Lunch.

13h00 to 16h00: simulation of a second concrete case: management of an informant.

Coffee break.

Debriefing, judicialisation of information and setting up of technical means.

Outdoor practical exercise.


Wednesday, 09 May


09h00 to 12h00: theoretical course, legal frameworks.

Coffee break.

Presentation of technical means and their implementation.

12h00: Lunch.

13h00 to 16h00: the system of protection.

Timing as key element of intervention.

Coffee break.

Technical devices installation demonstration (vehicle and boat trackers , vehicle sound  and video system).


Thursday, 10 May


09h00 to 12h00: continuation of the main theme exercise.


Decision to use technical means.


Outdoor installation of tracking devices.



12h00: Lunch.

13h00 to 16h00: follow up of the exercise: the vehicle with the tracker leads to a boat. Decision of installation of technical means on the boat

Debriefing on the site observation

Review of the situation, general environment of the port, time needed.

Real exercise.

Reflection on the installation of technical means to have a view on the boat.


Friday, May 11


09h00 to 12h00: final debriefing

Closing ceremony

Award of certificates to the participants.